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  • A horse must place at a qualifying show.
  • Shows are ranked AA, A, B, and C levels. 
  • To qualify, the horse must place in the top 4 places at an AA show, top 3 at an A show, top 2 at a B show, and win the class at a C show.
  • This includes all classes regardless of which breeds and sex compete.  For instance a Clydesdale placing 2nd in a Clyde/Percheron class does not qualify for 1st place Clydesdale.
  • Once a horse is qualified, the owner fills out and submits the entry with an un-retouched photo.  


-Mares: foal, yearling, two year old, three year old, yeld and brood

-Stallions: foal, yearling, two year old, three and over

-Registered Geldings: any age


  • AA 100+ horses
  • A 50-99 horses
  • B 25-49 horses
  • C under 25 horses
  • Add more shows as long as they have a minimum number of horses (15) and exhibitors (3) or occur in a geographical area without other shows to attend (One per state).
  • Show results
  • Appoint a Liaison for each show to help facilitate accurate and timely results
  • Liaison will make sure to get accurate numbers in each class and not just the placings


  • No fees for entry
  • Obtain sponsors or hold fundraisers to acquire funds for trophies and costs involved.


  • Hand out plaques to all winners of All-American, Reserve All-American, and Honorable Mention Winners


  • Special Awards for Overall Supreme Horse, Grand Champion Mare, Grand champion Gelding, and Grand Champion Stallion.

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