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The links for the 2018 All American Entry Booklet and Ballot are below!

All-American Program Sponsored by Behn Bros.



The All-American program has begun to fall off in recent years and it is time for an overhaul of the program to get it back to what it was.  Some of our ideas are new and fresh and would be a radical change to what the program has been while other ideas revert back to the core principles of what the program was about when it started.  We are looking to bring some consistency to the program but keep from being stagnant at the same time.  Just like each of the qualifying shows that change over the years, the All-American program needs to change and adapt to stay current while keeping participation from everyone involved.


-Every horse that receives a nominating place at any All-American show will be automatically nominated

-Once a horse is nominated, we will request a photo to be placed on our Facebook page which will list all nominees and their placings.  The photo will also be used for the official ballot.


-We will return to a standard list of classes (11 classes)

-Mares, foal, yearling, two year old, three year old, yeld and brood

-Stallions, foal, yearling, two year old, three and over

-Geldings, any age


-Start with current list.

-Rank all shows on total number of head being shown and calculate on a three year average. (Beginning in 2017)

AA 100+ horses

A 50-99 horses

B 25-49 horses

C under 25 horses

-Add more shows as long as they have a minimum number of horses (15) and exhibitors (3) or occur in a geographical area without other shows to attend (One per state).

Show results

-Appoint a Liaison for each show to help facilitate accurate and timely results

-Liaison will make sure to get accurate numbers in each class and not just the placings


-Judges will consist of all 2016 or 2017 active dues paying members wishing to vote.


-Ballots will be available for download via our Facebook page and can be mailed or emailed to judges.

-No anonymous ballots will be accepted.


-No fees for entry

-Obtain sponsors or hold fundraisers to acquire funds for trophies and costs involved.


-Hand out plaques to all winners of All-American, Reserve All-American, and Honorable Mention Winners

-Special Awards for Overall Supreme Horse, Grand Champion Mare, and Grand Champion Stallion.

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