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Proud to Offer Members Great Marketing Options!

The Board of Directors has committed more finances for marketing of the Clydesdale Horse. The Marketing Committee has committed to the following mission statement:

“To pursue, develop, and maintain marketing and promotional strategies to increase awareness and enhance the value and global image of the Clydesdale Horse.”

Targeted strategies are:
*Continue to improve the Clydesdale Breeders of the U.S.A. Website
*Pursue options on creating performance and educational videos
*Attend more events throughout the country to promote the Clydesdale Horse
*Print new Promotional Material
*Increase awareness with tools such as Social Media
*Create a “media kit” for members to request to take to events in their area.

Marketing can be enhanced by using a “team effort” type theory. Whereas the above tools will serve as marketing for all, there are opportunities we would like to offer our members. Two different “Team Marketing Partner” levels have been created and are being offered to you.  Please review the following Marketing Partner offers and consider joining a “team” to promote your Clydesdale Operation.

“Lead Team Marketing Partner” –  Price $500 Annually
*Logo and link on homepage on CBUSA Website
*Printed Brochure listing your logo and information. These will be distributed at shows and   events contracted with Regal Graphics and more (15-20 events)
*Banner Listing and displayed at Events
*Listed on credits of Videos
*One Booth space, for all Lead Team members to share, at National & Fall Sale to display       printed material, videos, etc.
*Listing in Various Clydesdale Publications such as the Clydesdale News, Sale Catalogs, &    Eletters

“Wheel Team Marketing Partner” – Price $150 Annually
*Listing in various Clydesdale Publications including the Clydesdale News, Sale Catalogs and Eletters
*Banner with names listed at Events contracted with Regal Graphics and more.
*Listing promoted on homepage of New Revised Website

This is a new project for the Association and its members.  If you have any questions, please contact the Clydesdale Office. A form is added to fill out to take advantage of the opportunity to highlight your Clydesdale operation by becoming one of the “Team Marketing Partners”!


Please Contact us for Corporate Sponsorship and Marketing Partnership Options.

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