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*****8/31/2020 – Due to 2020 being an unprecedented year, we wish to proceed with the All-American program as usual without the needing to qualify at a listed show as all but 2 shows have been canceled for the year. Changes will be for the 2020 season only as we hope next year returns to normal. For this year, entries will be required to submit 4 photos to better help judges see the horse. These shall be front, back, left and right shots of the horse. In addition, there will be a $10.00 entry fee brought back to the program as was normal years ago. This will help offset the cost of awards for the participants. We will use a panel of judges to place the participants, including judges from the shows that did take place and selected judges to fill in the remaining positions. We hope this system of judging carries on for future years of the program as well, so please make a judge selections for the 2021 year on your entry form. For horses that were exhibited at the qualifying shows, the entry fee will be waived. Please list your placings on the entry form.*****

  • A horse must place at a qualifying show.
  • Shows are ranked AA, A, B, and C levels. 
  • To qualify, the horse must place in the top 4 places at an AA show, top 3 at an A show, top 2 at a B show, and win the class at a C show.
  • This includes all classes regardless of which breeds and sex compete.  For instance a Clydesdale placing 2nd in a Clyde/Percheron class does not qualify for 1st place Clydesdale.
  • Once a horse is qualified, the owner fills out and submits the entry with an un-retouched photo.  


-Mares: foal, yearling, two year old, three year old, yeld and brood

-Stallions: foal, yearling, two year old, three and over

-Registered Geldings: any age


  • AA 100+ horses
  • A 50-99 horses
  • B 25-49 horses
  • C under 25 horses
  • Add more shows as long as they have a minimum number of horses (15) and exhibitors (3) or occur in a geographical area without other shows to attend (One per state).
  • Show results
  • Appoint a Liaison for each show to help facilitate accurate and timely results
  • Liaison will make sure to get accurate numbers in each class and not just the placings


  • $10/entry


  • Hand out plaques to all winners of All-American, Reserve All-American, and Honorable Mention Winners


  • Special Awards for Overall Supreme Horse, Grand Champion Mare, Grand champion Gelding, and Grand Champion Stallion.

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