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About the Futurity Program

The Futurity has grown larger every year with the premiums paid out increasing as well.  Getting involved with the National Clydesdale Futurity is easy when you following the following steps:

1. The first step is to nominate your bred mare.  This is accomplished by sending in the registered name and number of the mare and the registered name and number of the stallion she is in foal to, along with the $15.00 fee to: Cheri Moleski: 733 E. Kinter Rd.: Bronson, MI 49208.  Make all checks payable to: The Clydesdale Breeders of the U.S.A.  This $15.00 is split three ways with $5.00 going into each section – filly, stallion, and cart.  This must be done before January 1st.  This means that the bred mare is nominated before she foals.

2. The second step occurs before July 1st of the following year.  The foal is usually on the ground by this time.  You submit the name the foal will be registered under, sex, and date of birth.  The registration number, if available, should also be sent along with $25.00.  This money is split two ways, $20 goes to the appropriate filly/stallion section and $5.00 to the cart class.

3. A third and fourth payment of $25.00 each are due before the following January 1st and July 1st with the money split as described above.

4. Now you are ready for the National Show where the futurity is held.  The yearling is shown in the appropriate line class.  Seven places are paid from the total paid in = 1st place = 40%, 2nd place = 20%, 3rd place = 15%, 4th = 10%, 5th,6th, & 7th place = 5% each.

5. The fifth and sixth payments of $25.00 each are due before the following January 1st and July 1st with the entire amount going to the cart class premiums. You now have a 2 year old horse which will show in the Futurity Cart Class.  There is only one cart class, all horses are shown together.  Seven places are paid with the same distribution as the yearling line classes. If your horse is gelded at any time and you wish to keep him in the futurity for the cart class (he would not be eligible for the yearling stallion class), your $25.00 payments should all go directly into the cart class fund.

6.  Notice must be given immediately for any stallion that has been gelded as they are no longer eligible for line classes.  The premiums paid will go toward the cart class and they may participate in that event.

All payments must be made before the deadline.  Once a payment has been missed, the horse is no longer eligible.  Back payments are not permitted.  All information required must be submitted.  All payments and information are sent to Cheri Moleski as described in step one.  Notices are sent out before the payments are due to all eligible horse owners. Payment notices for this year have been sent, but if you do not receive your payment notice for this year by mid December, please contact Cheri Moleski. * If YOU HAVE SOLD ANY OF YOUR ENTRIES, PLEASE FORWARD THE REMINDER MESSAGE TO THE NEW OWNER. DO NOT CONTACT CHERI TO SEND THE NEW OWNER A REMINDER. CHERI WILL SEND ALL FUTURE NOTICES TO THE NEW OWNER ONCE SHE HAS RECEIVED THEIR PAYMENT. THANK YOU. REMINDER ! MARES CARRYING 2020 FOALS MUST BE NOMINATED FOR THE FUTURITY BY JANUARY 1, 2020.  THE ENTRY FEE  IS $15.00. ALONG WITH NOMINATIONS YOU MUST SEND REGISTRATION NAME AND NUMBER OF SIRE AND DAM OF SAID FOAL. SEND NOMINATIONS  TO CHERI MOLESKI.

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