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Application For Prefix

A member may register a prefix for a fee of $50.00. Such prefixes are to be restricted to and required of every foal recorded by that breeder. Please use the following guidelines:

  • Use of Scottish or Canadian Prefixes prohibited.
  • Proprietors right to prefix shall be lost by 20 consecutive years of non-use.
  • In case of herd sale or dispersal where all or a substantial portion of herd is sold to one purchaser, the herd prefix may be transferred to the new owner(s) upon written consent of the proprietor of the prefix, and the Board of Directors.
  • Only animals bred by the proprietor of the prefix may bear his prefix name. The proprietor of the prefix may extend the use of the prefix reserved in his name to members of his immediate family.
  • Every animal breed by the proprietor of a prefix shall bear the prefix of the breeder, if in his ownership at the time of birth. Animals sold in utero may use the breeder’s prefix with the breeder’s written permission.
  • Breeders may have only one active prefix: each prefix must be paid for; prefix applications must have board approval, prefix must be at least 2 letters, and the breeder must be a member of the Association to have a prefix.
  • The Prefix Committee suggest looking at the list of prefixes in the yearly Stud Book to see if the choice you are making is already registered.

A maximum of 35 letters (with spaces) per name is allowed on the Application for Registry. Consider dropping the word “Farm” or “Clydesdales” at the end of your prefix choice to allow for spacing of name following the registered prefix.

To submit an application for prefix:

  • Download the form below, complete it and send it to the address below along with payment.


The application will then be submitted to the prefix committee and Board of Directors for review and approval. Please submit three choices. If the first choice is not acceptable to the committee, they than will move on to your 2nd choice, etc. Upon approval of your prefix, you will receive a letter from the Secretary of the Clydesdale Breeders of the U.S.A.

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