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Transfer Your Clydesdale

Rules and Fees For Transfers

When change of ownership occurs, the seller is responsible to transfer said horse into the new buyers name. After filling out the appropriate transfer form, the original pedigree on the horse, along with the transfer form and fee should be submitted to the Clydesdale Breeders office. An open transfer is in direct violation of the Association Rules. This means that handing the new buyer a transfer that is not filled out and recorded with the Association is not acceptable.

In all applications for transfer, the full name and post office address of both buyer and seller must be given.  The date of sale must be given as date when contract or agreement to sell was made and not some future date when animal is finally paid for.  If the animal is a female, it must be stated whether or not she has been served.  If served, then date of service must be given, with the name and Stud Book number of the Stallion, certified to by the then recorded owner of the Stallion, or his authorized representative.

The fee for transfer is based on whether the seller is a member or not. Current Transfer fees can be found in our fee schedule.

Transfers are considered to be delinquent 90 days after the sale date and fees will double.

At the anniversary of the date of sale,  the transfer fee will double again.

Canadian Imports – the office will contact you once a Canadian-registered horse has been transferred to your name. You may also call the office to check the status of this transfer. Once the Canadian registration is received, you can register the horse with the Clydesdale Breeders of the U.S.A. and will need to submit the 5 required photos plus registration fee.

To transfer your Clydesdale, download our registration form from the top of this page and send it to the address listed below. If sending an application in, please submit original pedigree, transfer form and appropriate fee for transfer to:

PO Box 345 Fredericktown, Ohio 43019
Phone: (815) 247-8780 or email:

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