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Clydesdale Versatility Program



Do you pleasure ride or drive your registered Clydesdale? Do you want to be rewarded for simply spending time enjoying your Clydesdale? CBUSA’s Clydesdale Versatility Program was designed for YOU! CBUSA’s Clydesdale Versatility Program was developed to reward your commitment to riding and enjoying your versatile Clydesdale horse. When you join the Versatility Program, you are one of the breed’s best representatives because you are promoting the Clydesdale’s suitability for any job, be it work or play. In this program you are recognized for the time you spend riding or driving your Clydesdale for pleasure, preparing your horse and competing in various events, conditioning, training and even doing groundwork, or bonding with your horse. You and many other Clydesdale owners report that they ride, drive, and enjoy their Clydesdales for a multitude of pleasure and riding pursuits This program was designed for Clydesdale enthusiasts just like you!  Don’t own a Clydesdale? Not a problem! CBUSA’s Versatility Program is designed to reward the hours you commit to Clydesdales, so even if you’re grooming or taking a lesson on a Clydesdale owned by someone else, that counts!  The hours accumulate over time, and there is no time limit for the completion of the award level.


50 HOURS – 1st Level Award

100 HOURS – 2nd Level Award

250 HOURS – 3rd Level Award

500 HOURS – 4th Level Award

750 HOURS – 5th Level Award

1000 HOURS – Bronze Award

2,500 HOURS – Silver Award

5,000 HOURS – Gold Award

7,500 HOURS – Platinum Award

10,000 HOURS – Diamond Award

Download the enrollment brochure PDF and remit your $25.00 payment to CBUSA to enroll in the Versatility Program. Please contact the office ( or 815-247-8780) to pay electronically.

Include a short story and photo CBUSA can share about how you achieved these hours with your Clydesdale horse. You may include goals you accomplished, where you ride or drive, or a favorite story about your Clydesdale. The hours you spend with your Clydesdale(s) are recorded by you on an honor system.

An additional log page is available in PDF format as well (attachment).

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